Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer’s Transparency in Corporate Responsibility

In an article on Acaert, Duda Melzer, more formally, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is the CEO of a rapidly growing Brazilian media corporation. RBS Group, the parent company, focuses primarily on print and radio. e.Bricks digital is the online media outlet, recently started to increase Brazil’s position in the digital media spectrum. Duda Melzer has helped both new and established businesses by investing capital to get them established online. The businesses initially selected for funding were existing entities that showed a high potential for success online. New businesses were also assisted with capital and equity sharing, however, not to the extent as the others. His vision is to grow Brazil to become one of the largest countries with a strong online presence.

According to Globo, Duda Melzer was certainly well prepared to take on such huge projects. In recent years he succeeded his uncle as CEO, making him the third generation of RBS Group leaders. The family enterprise has been around for over four decades and has served Brazil as a leading provider of news and other media for the public. Recognized as one of the fastest growing businesses in Brazil, RBS Group has often ranked among leaders Globo and Google as most recognized and valued outlets. The growth has increased even more in recent years due to the new company e.Bricks being formed. The company not only assists other businesses, but it houses RBS Groups projects online as well.

Among the other components of the business are social responsibility and sustainability efforts. Being involved with the media and broadcasting, RBS Group must maintain high ethical standards. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer not only has won awards for ethical practices, but he’s been involved in creating “best practices,” by sitting on a board with colleagues. Not only does the company achieve exceptional levels of compliance, they’re responsible for setting the standards for other leaders as well. Duda’s approach to transparency in business is changing the landscape of the corporate world in Brazil at a rapid pace.

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Norman Pattiz Releases the Results of a Study Done by Edison Research on Advertisement

On 9th February 2017, Norman Pattiz, the executive chairman of the PodcastOne and Tom Webster, the Edison Research’s VP of strategy jointly released the findings of studies. The study involved five major consumer products in five different categories. This study was done in the second half of 2016.

The study was done in two stages, pre and post campaign. Podcast advertisement was shown to have an overall positive effect on various aspects of a product. Here are the key findings.

– The number of listeners who indicated a certain grocery brand increase from 7% in the pre-study to over 60% afterward.

– There was a rise in the unaided product knowledge in the two periods. The awareness of financial services product increased by 47%, automobile aftermarket product by 37%, and lawn and garden product by 24%.

– The number of respondents with a “very favorable” attitude on a car aftermarket product, increased from 18% in pre-study to over a third afterward. Those “very likely” to use a lawn and garden product increased from 16% in the pre-study to 22% post-study.

– There was a 60% increase in the level of knowledge of some campaign messages related to automobile aftermarket product after the campaign.

Edison Research carried out the survey in three different investigations in 2016 to find out the success of the podcast advertisement for the given national brands. Online surveys were conducted and the same methodology used before and after the campaign. Each company carried out advertisement between four and six weeks.

The researcher found that podcast audiences responded to the company’s messages. There was a significant increase in the willingness of the respondents to consider and /or buy those products.

Norman Pattiz said the results were an indicator of the company’s commitment to helping in selling other brands through advertisement. Tom Webster said he was happy that they were able to show the effectiveness of podcast ads.

About Norman Pattiz

According to Biz Journals, Norman J. Pattiz is the founder and former chair of Westwood One. The company provided news, sports, and traffic programming among others in the broadcast industry. In 2010, he was behind the founding of the Courtside Entertainment Group. In 2013, he founded and launched PodcastOne, a prominent audio on-demand programming producer, and distributor. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

On June 23, 2016, he became the executive chair at PodcastOne. He has been in the radio syndication for over decades.

Both President Clinton and President Bush appointed him in 2000 and 2002 respectively to the broadcasting board of governors of the United States of America.

How To Get Healthy Hair Fast

Long, luscious hair is the dream of many women, but frustration occurs when hair goals are interrupted by split ends. Even if one gives up heating tools, coloring treatments, and styling products (although, many don’t want to go to these extremes), hair can still be damaged by cleansing the hair with products that strip the hair of its natural oils. When hair loses its natural (and much needed) oils, the hair becomes dry, brittle and inelastic; these hair symptoms eventually lead to breakage, causing split ends and a trip to the hair salon.

Thankfully, hair product companies have created no-poo shampoos, which are also known as cleansing conditioners. One of the most popular cleansing conditioners in the hair industry is from WEN by Chaz. WEN hair care was created by Chaz Dean, a man who is passionate about innovative hair care. Knowing how much of an impact ingredients have on hair health, Chaz set out to create his products to include only ingredients that weren’t considered harsh. Specifically, sodium laureth sulfate was avoided in creating WEN Hair by Chaz’s hair products, as this sulfate is extremely detrimental to hair health. See:

The benefits of using a cleansing conditioner include avoiding harsh chemicals such as sodium laureth sulfate, and other perks as well. Those who use cleansing conditioners save time while grooming their hair, while also only needing one product instead of two to get the job done. Cleansing conditioners also help hair shine and look radiant from its protected natural oils.

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Online Reputation News And Effectively Growing Your Brand Accordingly

Online reputations are no longer a choice in a digital world, keeping individuals on their toes when applying for new positions if they are aware that many employers review social media profiles prior to making a hiring decision. As a company, working with an online reputation management firm like IC Media Direct may be your best bet if you are currently growing or looking for new methods to voice your opinion as a company while also drawing in new potential customers and loyal fans.

Brand Reception

With an online reputation management company, it is much easier to grasp the concept of “right” and “wrong” posts when coming from a professional website, page, or social media outlet. Gaining a positive brand reputation is one way for you to expand to additional markets without overpaying expensive marketing teams to determine these factors on their own.

Increase National and Global Reach

Once you and your team get on the same page regarding the voice you want to implement moving forward, it is much less challenging than the traditional guesswork that goes in to crafting updates with the right wording and sentiment, regardless of the demographic you want to appeal to and reach. An online reputation management firm is essential to ensure you are always going in the right direction without posting offensive or potentially dangerous updates to your base of followers, fans, and consumers.

Well-Trained Employees Utilizing Your Company’s Social Media Accounts

Always be sure you have hired the right social media representatives and employees for the job. When your new employee is just hired, it is important to go over all aspects of team messaging, branding, and the type of graphics or videos that work best for expanding reaching and bringing in new consumers or clients in any industry. The more briefed a social media manager is, the quicker they are able to adapt to fit the needs of your company and business model based on where it stands now and the goals you are trying to accomplish with the use of a positive online presence–on both websites and with various social media platforms that are used.

U.S. Money Reserve Introduces New Website to Investors

In order to appeal to more investors, U.S. Money Reserve has put together a new version of its website. With this new enhancement, the organization will now have a site that will be more user friendly to investors. The new changes include a number of things such as secure shopping, a wider selection, more detailed information and also improved support. With these additions, investors who are looking to acquire precious metals will have arguably the most dependable source available.

U.S. Money Reserve’s new website will allow a number of investors a convenient and informative site to use when looking to find out more about the benefits of investing in precious metals.

One of the changes of the website is its support. By using this site, investors can get one on one consultations from a number of experts. This provides investors with personalized feedback that can help them take advantage of the best investment options available. Another major change to the site is its selection of precious metals. Now investors can choose from a number of gold and silver bullion, bars and coins. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

This selection will enable investors to purchase a number of quality options that will help enhance their wealth. The site also includes secure shopping to help customers shop without compromising their information. With this new site, investors can also get more detailed information about the various precious metals options available as well.

U.S. Money Reserve is a financial organization that specializes in offering precious metals. It offers a number of gold and silver items of considerable value. As a result, investors can take advantage of acquiring something that is less volatile and more tangible than stocks.

Along with offering a number of precious metals, U.S. Money Reserve also specializes in providing information about the precious metals markets and the various types of precious metals. As a result, it is an organization that provides education to investors who are looking to invest in the various precious metals.

As well as offering education about precious metals and a wide selection, U.S. Money Reserve is an organization that is available to provide mentorship to investors as well. The organization will provide sessions where it answers questions that investors have as well as giving them feedback.

Therefore, investors will be in position to be make better investment decisions. With all of these features, U.S. Money Reserve is a very reliable source for investors to use when looking to invest in precious metals.