Goettl Air Conditioning Does’t Miss a Step When it Comes to Customer Care

When Ken Goodrich purchased Goettl Air Conditioning in 2013 he knew he was buying a good company. Even though the company was going through a difficult time, he was confident that everything was going to work out. Goodrich has a history of taking companies that are on their deathbed and resurrecting them to a profitable condition.

Goettl had been purchased by a large national management company and that was exactly the wrong formula for a service company that stretched out over two states and the three major cities of Phoenix, Arizona, Tucson, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada. Customer service was nearly non-existent and employees were very frustrated about being micromanaged from afar.

What Goodrich saw was no profits and total discouragement both from the standpoint of customers and employees. Many customers were leaving so Goodrich moved into action. The very first thing he did was to institute a 100 percent money-back guarantee on all new sales, installations, parts and anything else the customer’s purchase. For more details visit LinkedIn to know more

Then Goodrich began to schedule meetings with customers and employees, assuring each that the company would turn around under the new ownership and he told them how he was going to do it. He took out ads in the local papers and peppered television and radio with ads. Slowly but surely things began to turn around. He told the employees that they would have to buy into the concept that Goettl was going to put the customer first in a very courteous way. Customers first and the revenue will come, was the message.

Today customer service at Goettl is at its peak and the annual revenue of the company tops $50 million. What Ken Goodrich has done was turn a company around that was going south in a hurry, and he did it by sheer will and lots of help from customers and employees.

According to BizJournalsa there is another piece that was very influential on the turnaround of Goettl. Goodrich’s decision to acquire Walton’s Heating and Air in Southern California was a major factor. Ken Longbrake, former owner of Walton’s had built and expanded his company as much as he could, but had run out of ideas and the company was growing stagnant.

Longbrake was kept on during the acquisition and was named Company Sales Manager and field supervisor. Goodrich has high regard for Longbrake due to his experience and knowledge in the air conditioning field. The new territory in California has added greatly to the overall profitability of Goettl. Look for their Vimeo account to know more

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