Milestones of the American Institute of Architects

The AIA believes it’s an architect’s duty to construct an environmentally responsible, inclusive and appealing building. This is why they have been advocating for increased energy efficiency in the buildings designed by architects. The AIA committee on environment has been pushing for construction of safer buildings that reduce or eliminate entirely their contribution towards global warming. This advocacy has included pushing for financial incentives for a greener environment by the government and addressing issues in design of infrastructure at both local and state levels. They have also been pushing for education of clients on the importance of investment in greener initiatives and advising them on environmentally effective solutions.

The AIA committee on environment also launched the 2030 commitment program. This program challenges both graduates and undergraduates to submit projects that integrate architecture, natural systems and technology to provide design solutions that will safeguard the environment.This year’s competition focused on three aspects of design: carbon emissions adaptation and resilience.

Milestones of the American Institute of Architects

Robert Ivy the CEO of AIA has been focusing on building, design and encouraging architects to be innovative since he was appointed to that position. He has also been working on increasing awareness on the value of architects. He is growing the association to new heights through advocacy and education initiative that bring members of the association and the community together. Under his leadership, AIA has adapted to serve the needs in this technological age and has being an influential and reactive organization.

His recent milestone has been preparing architects to address important issues such as climate change, sustainability of the environment and impact of architectural design on health of the community.

Apart from advocating for a sustainable environment, the AIA has recently announced the homes for its annual home tour. This tour will feature 10 private homes designed by AIA architects in the past five years. The homes selected for the line-up were chosen based on sustainability, innovation and design. The tour will happen on 21st and 22nd October. These tours attract  around 3000 people with the assistance of 200 tour guides. Read more on Rahway Arts District:

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